Aloyce Urassa

Aloyce is a member of Rotaract Club of KCMC in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. He is currently in his final year pursuing a BSc in health laboratory sciences with passion in global and public health leadership, research and advocacy. His current undergraduate research focuses on Plasmodium falciparum gametocytes detection using molecular techniques in malaria positive cases to harvest data that will aid in malaria transmission blocking interventions.

Aloyce completed a training on advocacy and health systems strengthening during Youth leaders for health program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and worked with the program intensively on malaria advocacy and health systems strengthening for one-year 2020/2021. He is also a malaria champion with Malaria No More UK where he participated in a strategic fellowship held in Lagos, Nigeria to prepare a campaigning video ‘Draw the Line against malaria’ between February and march 2020.

Aloyce is also leading African Leaders Malaria Alliance-Youth advisory council as chairperson and Next Generation Global Health security network as a country coordinator in Tanzania.

Aloyce has led several programs in the fight against malaria such as mosquito nets distribution, community awareness and community health workers recruitment and trainings in different parts of Tanzania.

Aloyce has been a youth ambassador of RAM Global and now joining the board of directors for the year 2021/22 as an Assistant director Ambassadors Program.