Belkis Arreaza

Born in Caracas, Venezuela 1959
Married to Ing. Civil Henry Valero González. Mother of:
Valentina Valero, Graphic Designer (27 years old)
Rafael Enrique Valero, Civil Engineer (28 years old)
Resident in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela since 1988.

Primary and Secondary Education: Colegio San José de Tarbes-Caracas 1965-1976
Civil Engineer-UCV Caracas 1984
MSc Structural Engineering Resistant Earthquake-UCV Caracas 1985-1987
Project Management – UNIMET / IESA Caracas 1990
Professional Courses and Seminars 1984 to date
Languages: Spanish / English / French
Other studies:
History of art. École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts (ENSBA) – Paris. France 1978-1979
Chemical Engineering (6 semesters) 1976-1978. UNIMET
English leveling. Boston University. USA. 1981

GRUPO CONSULTORES 1816, C.A. 2002 – to date. Founding Director. Coordinator of Multidisciplinary Projects in the revision and update of engineering. Coordination and management of construction, design, plant revamping, supply and installation of equipment and start-up of industrial plants. Bolivar state.
In addition, he developed in different companies as Coordinating Engineer of Project Planning and Control; Resident Engineer and Contract Administrator for PDVSA AUTOGAS national pilot project.
Inspection Coordinator Engineer of EBS Siderúrgica Nacional, Ciudad Piar. Bolivar State
Coordinator of Multidisciplinary Projects for the Review of basic engineering of the rolling mill and multidisciplinary coordination. Project Coordinator and Contract Administration for CORPOELEC EDELCA, which includes, among others, the Engineering of the Caruachi Master Plan, phase I and II. Macagua Master Plan. EDELCA facilities expansion. Guri industrial urbanism.
Coordinator of multidisciplinary projects and Civil Area Technical Room, projects executed for SIDOR, MATESI, SIDERNET, TENARIS-TAVSA AND TECHINT (Argentina and Mexico) for GRUPO TECHINT-SIDOR
Coordinator of the Traffic and Roads Area corresponding to the Program of the Inter-American Development Bank IDB – FONTUR. Coordination, supervision of studies and analysis of local traffic and road systems in the Caroní (Ciudad Guayana) and Heres (Ciudad Bolívar) Municipalities of the Bolívar State; Simón Rodríguez (El Tigre) Anzoátegui State and Tucupita Delta Amacuro State.Engineering and project manager and contract administration in the areas of roads, dams, oil industry and earthworks
Manager of Planning and Control of the Construction of Line 4 of the Caracas Metro. Modification and acceleration of the construction program of the work, ventilation structures and tunnels. Coordination between subcontractors, CAMETRO and inspection companies.
Project Coordination for CAMETRO, Lines 1 and 2 Caracas Metro (Capuchinos Station, Ventilation Structure VL1, Tunnels. Future connection to Plaza Venezuela. Petare Station and Ventilation Structure.
Coordination of inspection of the construction and assembly of the structures, handling of Bauxite material and conveyor belts for BAUXIVEN
Marketing Manager attached to the Presidency of the Company. Coordination of projects and feasibility studies in various regions of the country. Transportation study for the Southeast of Caracas for CAMETRO and the Valencia metro Carabobo State.

In Caracas: Children’s Orthopedic Hospital / Hospital J. M de los Ríos (Children’s Hospital – San Bernardino) / Hospital San Juan de Dios / Support for Salesian Ladies El Hatillo / Venezuelan Association of Organ Donors. Donor since 1991
Ciudad Guayana: Uyapar Hospital / Raúl Leoni Hospital (Guaiparo) / Medical Operations and Health Education Talks with Fenadiabetes Guayana Chapter and CAREMT Project (Cardiological Care)
Member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Coordination team. Bolívar State Construction Chamber. Support for the Miguel Magone Home / Don Bosco Home (Home, Comprehensive care and education for men up to 18 years of age). Support to the Warao ethnic indigenous community in Cambalache and the Kamaracoto and Pemón indigenous ethnic groups in Kamarata, Canaima National Park.

Rotary Member Cachamay New Generations. District 4370 2005-2016
Different positions held in Rotary Cachamay New Generations in different periods, in addition to Coordination of the Diabetic Patient Comprehensive Care Center Project. 2005-2011.
Member of the Service committees, Health Projects and fundraising events. 2006-2016.
Support group of the International Youth Exchange Program 2008-2016.
Founding member of the non-profit Civil Association Rotary Cachamay Foundation 2008.
Rotary President Cachamay New Generations. District 4370 Period 2011-2012.
Honorary Member of Rotary Cachamay New Generations July 2016
Partner PH / 2008; Partner PH +1 / 2010
Member of the Rotary Association of Rotarians for the advancement of the ROTALATINOS Latino Culture from 2005 to date.
Attendant to District 4370 Conferences, District Seminars, Rotary training talks and fellowship and Interclub meetings in Ciudad Guayana, Caracas and other cities in the eastern part of the country, held during his active period as a member of Rotary Cachamay Nuevas Generaciones.
Member of the team of the Anti Malaria Mosquito Net Project, to eradicate malaria in indigenous communities of Bolívar state. (It is the largest project carried out in the country to combat and eradicate Malaria. It includes the distribution of insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets, scientific study and health education in the selected communities) since its inception (2011) to date, active participation in the area of ​​logistical support, administration and reports to the Rotary Foundation.

2011-2012 Matching Grant MG # 75905 1.500 LLIN´S
2013-2015 Global Grant GG # 14-11141 6.000 LLIN´S
2017-2019 Global Grant GG # 15-28880 67.595 LLIN´S
Total 75.095 LLIN´S

Speaker jointly with Henry Valero in different events, Rotary meetings and Webinar on the topic of Malaria Health Education and the Mosquito Net Project.
Assigned as Ambassador for Latin America (Zones 23, 24 and 25) by the Global Rotary Action Group to fight Malaria: June 2020 to date.
Advisor to the Global Grant against Malaria of D4281, Colombia, as representative of RAM-Global. Sept. 2020 to date
Coordinator of the Rotary and Cultural Topics Exhibition Committee. Rotary Association for the Advancement of Latino Culture Period 2020-2021
Support for District 4370 activities and projects and guest attendance at virtual meetings of different D4370 and D4380 clubs. Attendance to virtual seminars in Zone 25-A and in Districts 4370 and 4380. Seminars and talks organized by different clubs of members belonging to the Agrupación ROTARIOS LATINOS. 2020-to date
Attendance at the Virtual Convention 2020Nominated as a candidate for the Presidency of the Agrupacion Rotarios Latinos 2022-2023


ÉXITOS 90.5 FM CIRCUIT UNIÓN RADIO. Ciudad Guayana 2006 – 2015. Producer and Announcer of the weekly Saturday program Rotary en Acción of Rotary Cachamay New Generations 2007-2015National Independent Radio and Television Broadcaster and Producer (PNI)

UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA ANDRES BELLO UCAB– EXT. Guayana. Professor of the elective subjects Economics and Finance for Engineers and Evaluation of Civil Projects, both corresponding to the Civil Engineering career program.
Professor Tutor and jury of Special Works of Degree of Civil Engineering. 2018 – to date
Founder and President of the Administration Committee of the Civil Association Alliance Française of Puerto Ordaz. 2020 to date