Bryna Perlman

Bryna has been involved in multiple volunteer efforts her entire life. She is a member of the Rotary Club of Aspen, (CO), and an honorary member of the Carbondale Rotary Club, (CO).

She holds a double degree in music, special education, and an MBA. As a musician, Bryna has performed extensively, held different positions with both private and public organizations, assisted in taking a small company public, was an educator in public and private schools, and was an entrepreneur that allowed her to live abroad. She has travelled internationally extensively.

She has years of volunteer service that have included tutoring students, working with a homeless shelter that became a case study in the US, supported equine therapy for individuals with significant physical and mental disabilities and veterans with PTSD, setting up reading programs for pre-schoolers in schools and libraries, music programs for seniors and individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and training service animals.

She and her husband, Dan, spent 9 days in March, 2023, on a fact finding exploration of the malarial issues in Kenya. Bryna has her sleeves rolled up to participate in RAM-Global on the ground.