Konrad Meyfarth

Konrad’s upbringing on a German farm laid the foundation for his academic journey, culminating in a PhD in Mathematics from Freie Universitaet Berlin in 1975. His educational path took him to universities in Berlin, New Orleans, and Stanford.

Following his doctoral studies, Konrad shared his mathematical expertise by teaching at the Technische Universitaet and a Berlin High School. Between 1986 and 1992, he dedicated himself to training mathematics students at Gweru Teachers College in Zimbabwe.

Upon returning to Berlin, he continued to educate teachers until his retirement in 2006. Konrad’s commitment extended beyond academia; he served as Chairman of IPA (Initiative Partners for Africa), a German NGO supporting schools and orphans in Zimbabwe, for over a decade.
As a founding member of the Rotary Club Berlin – Bruecke – der – Einheit, he was President in 2015/16. Since 2020, he has served on the Board of RAM-Global and holds the position of Regional Ambassador for Europe.

Konrad’s primary mission is to raise awareness among Rotarians in Germany and Europe about the dangers of malaria in Africa and the ongoing efforts of RAM-Global. He offers informative Zoom presentations to Rotary Clubs about RAM-Global around the globe.