Singapore Rotary International Convention 2024

By: Bryna Perlman

The annual convention in Singapore was attended by over 13,000 participants from over 130 countries, Rotarians and others. The diversity of the Rotarians was  beneficial to those of us from RAM-Global RAG who were in attendance. We participated in a Rotary Action Group meeting and walked away with a good understanding of the efforts of RAGS, and how our group can coordinate efforts with other entities. 

The conference focused on the pending complete eradication of polio, but with caveats that no one should let down their guard. Bill Gates presented virtually during a breakout session and was poignant in his positive reporting around polio but that the fight was not completely over, but so very close.

A new malaria initiative in Africa was launched, called Rotary Healthy Communities Challenge and detailed plans based on the Zambia Program of Scale which ends now. 

RAM was well represented at our booth by both US and Australian contingents. There was excellent foot traffic from convention participants who learned about who we are and signed up to become members. We even met some of our new board and committee members for the new Rotary year.

All the workshops and seminars we attended were enlightening experiences and there were ample opportunities to meet folks with diverse backgrounds and interesting conversations. We came away from the convention with renewed energy, contacts that can be mutually beneficial, and obvious energy around our malaria efforts.

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