Current RAM-Global Funded Projects

Malaria Intervention Project in Muheza District

The project aims to provide 1411 treated mosquito nets to boarding schools & health institutions, as well as to provide basic training to control the spread of Malaria and to support the decline of Malaria prevalence from 3.1% to 1% or less.

Rotary Club of Bamako Ouest (together with all Rotary Clubs of Mali)

The Rotary Club of Bamako Ouest, together with all Rotary Clubs in Mali launched a project with 5 key objectives, working hand in hand with Mali’s National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) and the Ministry of Health.

Rotary Club of Moshi MAD – Malaria Awareness Day

The Rotary Club of Moshi (Tanzania) decided to recognize World Malaria Day this year by sharing with Rotaractors and Interactors who chose to work at Sadala. A RAM-G stand alone grant of $1,000

Malaria Vaccine Project Update, Australia

The majority of malaria vaccine candidates in development are “sub-unit” vaccine candidates that contain only a small part of the parasite, often just a single protein. Our laboratory is working on a different type of vaccine approach.

Rotary Malaria Project Liberia

The primary objective of this project is to conduct malaria prevention educational awareness activities in two communities in Bong and Monsterrado counties to utilize available tools to prevent malaria among pregnant women and children.

Supporting Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam Oysterbay’s annual Medical Camp program

Supporting the malaria component of Oysterbay’s medical camp which supports medical check-ups, prevention awareness trainings, and medications.