Rotary Club of Moshi MAD – Malaria Awareness Day

Awarded to: Rotary Club of Moshi

Rotary Club: Rotary Club of Moshi

Grant Amount: $1000 USD

Serving: Tanzania

The Rotary Club of Moshi decided to recognize World Malaria Day this year by sharing with Rotaractors and Interactors who chose to work at Sadala.

These young people did a fantastic job organizing almost everything. They even arranged to go beyond Malaria Awareness of Symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment and offered free health advice.

Recipients pay 3000/- for a net (about 33% of the cost) – this is to ensure that they have a feeling of ownership and take good care of the net.  Very poor families, on the confirmation of the Village committee are not charged.

Attractive flyers designed by the Rotaractors and Interactors are not only handed out. But also broadcasted over loudspeakers for all to hear. 370 went for further health advise, 118 took the nets and left, 2 were given free.

Health advice started by taking blood pressure. Then checking height, followed by weight – with these figures in hand one went to a doctor for advice. The logo on the back of the Tee Shirts, also designed by our partners, translated into English says “ZERO MALARIA STARTS WITH ME”



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