World Malaria Day 2022
RAM-Global offers a $25,000 Grant

Application opens: 25th April 2022
Closing Date: 1st June 2022

Winner will be announced at houston RI Convention

RAM-G offers a one-time $25,000 grant to coincide with world malaria day

RAM-Global offers a one-time USD $25,000 grant to coincide with World Malaria Day on 25 April. This World Malaria Day Grant celebrates RAM-Global Chair Drake Zimmerman’s award of Rotary International’s Service Above Self Award for his nearly 30 years of work on Malaria.  

RAM-Global – Who are we? The Official Rotary Action Group on Malaria. We bring awareness of malaria to Rotarians in our global campaign to end malaria.

Our ultimate goal is to eradicate malaria.

This RAM-Global Grant raises awareness of and provides opportunity for Rotarians/Rotaractors to apply existing and new tools to End Malaria. Many countries have demonstrated that Malaria can be eliminated in our lifetime. Rotarians in Indo-Pacific Region are working to scale up tools.

RAM-Global work in partnership with other Rotarians’ efforts, RAM-Australia and Malaria Partners International. We work with local and international Groups to End Malaria in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

RAM-Global innovates by adapting methods to accelerate malaria elimination.

RAM-Global takes proven innovations to scale.

Rotary Grant was the first to add nets to Vaccine Campaigns. Methods now scaled up Africa-wide.


Rotary Grants Train and Equip Community Health Workers in ways that reduce Malaria dramatically in Zambia, Uganda. In Asia Pacific, we are scaling up the use of Community Health Workers in West Timor to accelerate malaria elimination there. ea






RAM-Australia support helped prove the protocols to take Malaria to Zero- and Keep it at Zero


Grant Eligibility: Open to All Rotary Districts and Clubs.


We welcome applications from large projects and from other RAGs interested in including a malaria component in their grants. Rotary Foundation Global Grants are a plus, but not required. This grant may be used to match other Global Grant funding, such as DDF, Club and individual gifts.

Application Instructions

Please complete the application form and email to

Selection Criteria:  Please use the RAM-Global Small Grant. The RAM-Global World Malaria Day Grant Application must address the following criteria:

Selection Criteria:

1.     Applicant (Rotarian and/or Rotaractor) is a registered member of the RAM-Global Rotary Action Group.  It is easy to join as an individual, Club, District or other.

2.     List the project team consisting of a project manager, a treasurer and a secretary. The team must have one member with prior experience in project grant management.

3.     We encourage the participation of and ownership by the local governments in all stages of the project that is, from project design, implementation and evaluation.

4.     Application must be accompanied by a Letter of Support from his/her Rotary / Rotaractor club; and a Letter of Support from the local Government.

5.     Target malaria control/elimination/prevention and/or create or provide data on the same in one or more project components.

6.     Provide goals, objectives, and outcomes. Include number & details of direct project beneficiaries.

7.     Provide a detailed budget, including all funding sources and “in kind” contributions.

8.     Describe how RAM-Global will receive acknowledgment of its project support.

9.     RAM-Global Grants are not intended directly to fund research. Researchers may wish to track methods and results. RAM-Global shall be mentioned in resulting scholarly articles.

10. Additional Requirements where applicable:

a.     For applications to support malaria related work as part of a Rotary District / Global Grant, include a completed draft or approved Rotary District / Global Grant application. Please copy RAM-Global on Global Grant or similar reports if part of larger grant.

b.     A final report to RAM-G is required after the completion of your project.

c.     RAM-G would like to tell the story of your project on our website, at Rotary Conferences, Conventions and in newsletters. Photos are an important part of this work. RAM-G requires a Consent form in order to use your photos. 

Grant Process


Grant Applications

Application is sent to


Grants Committee Chair

RAM-Global’s Special Grants Committee will review the Applications. If incomplete, we may either reject or return it to the Applicant for revision. 


Grants Committee Members

Special Grants Committee sends recommendation to the Chair. There will only be one USD25,000 Grant


Grants Committee Chair

Where possible, Chair and / or Committee will provide Feedback to the Applicant e.g., questions, comments and suggestions from the. Committee reviewers. The Committee is not obligated to provide comments or feedback but may do so entirely at its option.



Applicant will respond rapidly to any questions and make any required changes to the Application.


Grant Committee

Special Grant Committee will vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the application. If approved, the amount of the Grant is deposited in the approved local Rotary/Rotaract Club or Rotary District bank account.    


Grant Recipient

Successful Grant Recipient(s) will report the results of the project, including expense report, to the Special Grants Committee, within a month after completion of each phase and entire project.

Closing date for applications: 1 June 2022 (we suggest earlier for grant applications seeking feedback)   

Winner will be announced on 4 – 8 June 2022 at the RI Convention, Houston, Texas, USA.

Join us to end malaria
thank you for being part of the solution!