Malaria Intervention Project in Muheza District (2021)

The project aims to provide 1411 treated mosquito nets to boarding schools & health institutions, as well as to provide basic training to control the spread of Malaria and to support the decline of Malaria prevalence from 3.1% to 1% or less.

Total grant received = $5,166 (MPI $4166 + RAM-G $,1000)

Project Objectives:

  1. To provide 1411 treated mosquito nets to 2 hospitals, 4 health centers, 33 dispensaries and 5 boarding schools in Muheza district.
  2. To raise awareness on environment protection as a means to control spread of malaria and other diseases among people of Muheza.
  3. To conduct a consolidative training to 20 community volunteers in Muheza on malaria prevention who will keep working on community awareness and support to end malaria in Muheza.
  4. Support decline of malaria prevalence from 3.1% in Muheza district to 1% or less by 2025 and ensure zero malaria by 2030.


A letter from our fellow Rotarian: 

Dear Rotarians,

It is my pleasure to  share with you a good news that for this week I have been busy with implementation of the project RAM and MPI funded to provide 1411 mosquito nets in Muheza and providing a basic training on Malaria to Community health volunteers (CHWs).

It has been my pleasure  with my colleagues (Rotaractors from KCMC) to take lead of the project which has really been amazing and impactful. 

We provided the LLINs to the hospitals, health centers, dispensaries and government boarding schools which was cordially received and appreciated. We ensured the nets are hanged and we agreed that malaria focus person with help of some local government leaders  who joined us will be following up the proper usage. We shall also plan a revisit.

The training was facilitated by a professional trainer from National institute of research (NIMR) with help of Malaria focus person under National  Malaria intervention guidelines. 

Thanks a lot for your support and guidance which enabled me and my team to do our best. 





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