about us

Who Are we

We are an international volunteer-run organization working to eradicate malaria. Rotarians Against Malaria-Global Rotary Action Group is committed to support Rotarians across the Globe in malaria control, elimination, and the eventual malaria eradication. Our support is important.

The ultimate goal is to eliminate malaria from the face of the earth. The intermediate goal is to reduce malaria morbidity and mortality in each country quickly and efficiently through tested interventions. Thus, we will set the stage for the rapid dissemination of the eventual malaria vaccine.

How do we as a Rotarian Action Group want to contribute to the ultimate goal?

We acquaint Rotarians, groups of Rotarians, Rotaractors and spouses interested in the malaria problem with one another to promote and increase control of malaria. In addition, the Rotarians Against Malaria Global (hereafter RAM-G) promotes fellowship, understanding and acquaintance of Rotarians; Rotaractors worldwide with the larger world of individuals, groups, governments and institutions who share a common interest in malaria elimination. Finally, RAM-G seeks to enhance the effectiveness of models for delivering aid to survival efforts. History RAM-G builds on the relationships, reputation and infrastructure created for the PolioPlus campaigns, known now as The Rotary Model, being used to eliminate vaccinable diseases worldwide.