about us

Who Are we

We are the Rotary Action Group on Malaria, a volunteer-run Global group of Rotarians who PARTNER with other Rotarians’ efforts, with LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL Groups and Individuals to End Malaria. We INNOVATE by adapting methods to lower malaria FASTER and TAKE TO SCALE what works.

The ultimate goal is to eliminate malaria from the face of the earth. The intermediate goal is to reduce malaria morbidity and mortality in each country quickly and efficiently through tested interventions. Thus, we will set the stage for the rapid dissemination of the eventual malaria vaccine.

How Do We Eliminate Malaria FASTER? We SPEED UP Proven Interventions.

We know HOW to take Malaria to Zero in MOST places.

We have PROVEN that multiple interventions executed by Specially Trained and Equipped Community Health Workers CHW’s can take Malaria to ZERO and KEEP Malaria at ZERO.

We have PROVEN HOW to lower Malaria in Middle Burden countries to Low Burden, then to ZERO.

We are PROVING that similar adaptions can take Malaria from High Burden to Middle Burden. ONCE at Middle Burden, we know we can take Malaria to ZERO.

Once Proven, RAM-Global helps take interventions to SCALE, to WHOLE Countries and to ALL Countries.

Along the way, RAM-Global promotes fellowship and understanding of Rotarians, Rotaractors and our families worldwide with groups, governments and institutions who share a common interest in malaria elimination.


RAM-Global’s longer vision is to use Malaria control efforts to build relationships focused on healthy communities. As Malaria goes to ZERO and stays there, Rotarians help people build and leverage their underlying systems plus achieve other local goals, such as deworming, providing safe water, nutrition and providing education. The legacies of malaria work are many, built upon relationships formed doing Malaria work. Malaria is here today, but will be gone tomorrow.