about us

Who We Are:

We are Rotarians Against Malaria – Global Rotary Action Group (RAM-G), a volunteer group of Rotarians who partner with other Rotarians’ efforts, with local and international groups, and with individuals to control Malaria. We study and implement all proven methods that lower malaria in an expedient timeframe. Once these are successful, we scale up our efforts. 

Our ultimate goal is to eliminate malaria. Our intermediate goal is to reduce malaria morbidity and mortality in each affected country quickly and efficiently through proven interventions. 

How Do We Eliminate Malaria?

We have taken malaria to zero in many countries.

We have proven that multiple interventions carried out by specially trained and properly equipped Community Health Workers (CHW’s) can reduce malaria to zero, and keep malaria at zero.

RAM-Global helps take interventions to scale, wherever there is malaria burden.


RAM-Global’s longer vision is to implement malaria control efforts and to establish and nurture relationships focused on healthy communities. As malaria goes to zero and remains there, Rotarians will help guide locals to build, and maintain their underlying systems, in addition to achieving other goals, such as deworming, providing safe water, fostering healthier nutrition and providing general health education. The legacies of malaria efforts are many, built upon relationships formed by performing and carrying out established malaria work.