Finishing the Fight Against Malaria | Global Congress 25th – 26th May 2023

Join us today and register for our Global Congress | Melbourne 2023…

For many parents in Africa, a vaccine cannot come soon enough

The arrival of two new vaccines that portend a sea change. The first one may be distributed as soon as late 2023 and the second one is 1 – 2 years away….

Scientists at the University of Oxford develop a Malaria vaccine that gives up to 80% protection

Efficacy and immunogenicity of R21/Matrix-M vaccine against clinical malaria after 2 years’ follow-up in children in Burkina Faso: a phase 1/2b randomised controlled trial…

RAM-Global offers a one-time USD $25,000 grant to coincide with World Malaria Day 2022 | Apply TODAY

RAM-Global Rotary Action Group offers the Drake Zimmerman Malaria Grant USD $25,000. Ending Malaria saves lives & helps stop the cycle of poverty….

Call for ACTION: by a young leader in the fight against malaria on WORLD MALARIA DAY 2022

As the whole world is on strike of the existing COVID19 pandemic, which has affected us Globally, efforts to combat other diseases like malaria have been extremely jeopardized. There was a 12% increase of malaria deaths in the year 2020 (WHO, 2021). …

Rotary International | Inaugural Programs of Scale Grant | Honors Those Leading Malaria Treatment Efforts in Zambia

By building on a proven concept — such as efforts to stamp out malaria in Zambia — Rotary’s new multimillion-dollar Programs of Scale grants help make good better….

Alliance for Malaria Prevention (AMP) Awards | 2021

Each year, the Alliance for Malaria Prevention (AMP) Core Group decides on which countries or individuals should receive awards at the annual partners meeting. The 2021 awards go to…

Australia | MALARIA VACCINE PROJECT | Celebrating its 5th ANNIVERSARY

On the 27th March 2017, the then Governor General of Australia, General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK CVO MC (Retd) & Lady Cosgrove launched the Malaria Vaccine Project. They came back for the 5th Anniversary of the Project on 23rd March 2022….

Rotaractors are making a difference in fighting Malaria

“With the current demographic dividend of young people in Africa, it is imperative that young people are meaningfully engaged to build sustainable & healthy communities through advocacy, research, innovations & community actions.” Aloyce P. Urassa…