Get Involved

You can help in several ways!

Become a Member

Membership in RAM-Global provides you with certain benefits, as well as keeping you aware of all the work we’re doing in our fight against malaria. 

Nominate someone, or yourself for our Board.

Any member may nominate someone or themselves for a position on our Board. Nominations must be received by the 15th of April each year.

Sponsor A Community Healthcare Worker

Community Healthcare Workers make THE difference reducing malaria when trained and equipped properly. They can even take malaria to zero.

Make a Donation

Eradicating malaria is possible. But we need your help. We can make it happen. Together.

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Become an Ambassador

The Ambassador Program is the means by which RAM-Global encourages Rotarians, Rotaractors and Peace Fellows to become members of our Rotary Action Group. Membership is the key to success in promoting and actioning work that can accelerate the elimination of malaria from the world.

The program is managed by Regional Ambassadors that seek and encourage participation in RAM-Global activities and events. The Regions are geographically based and related to the Rotary International zones, districts and clubs represented in the region.