Small Grants

Small Grants Program Intro

Each year, RAM-G will offer a number of small grants of up to USD $1,000 each to successful applicants who are RAM-G members working in malaria projects. The small grants can be used towards funding of small malaria projects such as pilot projects and community assessments. We also welcome applications from large projects and from other RAGs interested in including a malaria component in their grants.

 Support is available for grants applicants. RAM-G offers comprehensive support in all aspects of a project grant cycle from grant preparation to evaluation. We welcome enquiries about malaria projects and how we can help you take an idea to project implementation..

Questions answered & applications accepted at

Application Instructions

The RAM-Global Small Grant Program will provide up to $1,000 to anti-malaria projects managed by Rotarians and / or Rotaractors. The aim of our small grant program is raise awareness in and engagement with Rotarians and Rotaractors, to support malaria related activities. 

You may fill out the application online or download it, fill it out, and email to

Selection Criteria:

The RAM-Global Small Grant Application must address the following criteria:

  1. Applicant (Rotarian and/or Rotaractor) is a registered member of the RAM-Global Rotary Action Group.
  2. Application must be accompanied by a Letter of support from his/her Rotary / Rotaractor club.
  3. Targets malaria control/elimination/prevention of re-establishment in one or more project components.
  4. Provides goals, objectives, and outcomes, including the number and details of direct project beneficiaries. 
  5. Provides a detailed budget, including all funding sources and “in kind” contributions.
  6. Describes how RAM-Global will receive acknowledgment of its project support
  7. RAM-Global Small Grants cannot be used for medical research.

Additional requirements:

  • For applications to support malaria related work as part of a Rotary District / Global Grant, include a completed draft or approved Rotary District / Global Grant application.
  • For applications for a RAM-G Small Grant that will be part of a concurrent Malaria Partners International (MPI) Grant, you may submit the MPI Grant application to RAM-G in the place of our application form for our Small Grant.
  • A final report to RAM-G is required after the completion of your project.
  • For a final report on a project that was part of a concurrent Malaria Partners International (MPI) Grant, you may submit the MPI final report to RAM-G in the place of our final report form.

Help us make your project famous In the rotary world!

RAM-G would like to tell the story of your project on our website, at Rotary Conventions and in newsletters. Photos are an important part of this work. RAM-G requires a Consent form in order to use your photos. You can find the form here.

Grant Process


Grant Applications

Application is sent to


Grants Committee Chair

Chair reviews is the Application Form. If it is correctly filled out with the key information, the Application form is forwarded to the Committee members for review. If the application is not filled out correctly, it is returned to the Applicant for revision.


Grants Committee Members

Committee members review the Application. Committee members send a list of questions and suggestions to the Chair.


Grants Committee Chair

Chair sends the Applicant the list of questions and suggestions from the Committee reviewers.



Answers questions, makes any required changes to the Application.


Grant Committee

Small Grants Committee votes yes or no on the application. If approved, the amount of the Grant is deposited in the approved local Rotary/Rotaract Club or Rotary District bank account.


Grant Recipient

Grant Recipient reports on the results of the project, including expense report.