Sumba Indonesia Malaria Project

The Purpose of this Grant is to:

  • Provide funding and technical support to Fair Future Foundation in East Sumba, Indonesia.
  • Observe provision of spraying services and mosquito nets.
  • Observe results from medical intervention, (malaria testing), and measured reduction of cases.

Project Goals

  • To secure project funding enabling equipment to be purchased and delivered to the island.
  • To observe the interaction with villagers and FFF in testing for malaria and providing medical treatment.
  • To measure the work completed in visiting the remote villages and reporting the distribution of nets and a reduction in cases.

Project Objectives

  • To ensure the Fair Future Foundation has adequate funding to carry out the training of volunteers. On my last visit 70 young people, (professionals) were given appropriate training.
  • To ensure that the maximum malaria tests can be carried out in regions. Groups of 5 villages contain approx,750 people, who will benefit.
  • To ensure that the education processes enable villagers, especially children, to learn about malaria and
    prevention strategies.

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